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About SB


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    She Brews is dedicated to supporting Sam’s local craft beer family, by helping them navigate Ontario’s world of beer.  

    Sam has been working within Ontario’s craft brewing industry for 13+ years now and has faced many success but also many challenges along the way. As such, Sam is able to confidently support you on your craft beer journeys through She Brews Beer.
    She Brews is here to help you conceive, execute and bring your aspirations and vision into existence. Here it is believed that craft beer is more then just beer, it is an understanding and it stands for something.

   If you wish to see Sam's participation with beer and the craft beer industry check out here Beering History section, Recipes or Events.

Support Your Local Family

   She Brews loves supporting local in many ways. One of those ways is being conscious of product selections. 

   She Brews enjoys and hopes to continue working with these local product providers:

-    Wolfe Island Hopyard - providing local Kirin, Crystal, Magnum, & Columbia hop varieties.
-    Barn Owl Malt - located in Belleville, ON, providing a local and artisanal product for breweries and brewers to consider. 
-   Escarpment Labs - A local connection for unique yeast strains, in a variety of forms. A great source for experimenting and unique beers; made available for the home brewer to the much larger production setting. 

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