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Everything you need to have great beer.

She Brews Beer offers a variety of craft beer focused services. Sam is able to give support in the brewery as hands, with networking and connecting desired providers, scheduling, creating personalized beer recipes, giving guided tasting experiences, and much more.
Contact She Brews and Sam would love to assist you!

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Brewery Support

    Sam has experience in a number of positions within the craft beer industry which allows her to confidently support you with many brewery departments and needs.

    Some services She Brews is capable of (but are not limited to) include:

  • changing product formats

  • general work hands (an extra hand on canning days perhaps)

  • assisting with and in production

  • sourcing specialty products

  • special release beer recipes

  • brewery health and safety structures

    All just some of Sam’s customizable supports she is offering through She Brews

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Beer Education

    Sam has extensive background with teaching and in leadership rolls. Sam enjoys any excuse to share her love for beer and educate any who are interested in learning.


   With She Brews, Sam has created diverse and informative experiences that are approachable for breweries, but also for small individual gatherings.

    Subject material could incorporate:

  • draft line and system operations

  • safety and expectations for the brewery (with WHMIS & Smart Serve certification options)

  • brewing 101

  • how to start making beer at home

  • how to create a beer recipe

  • in-depth review of beer styles

  • what beer is and where it comes from 

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Event Collaborator

    She Brews can coordinate a variety of events, catered to your particular wishes, with regards to beer.


    If you need assistance acquiring proper licensing for pouring different alcohols, if you hope to portray a certain theme but do not know how to execute it and make happen, She Brews is a great resource.

    See here for some of the events She Brews has done so far.

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Alexa Young, CA

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Sam and She Brews

    She Brews Beer marks a moment in time for brewer Sam Brown. She has had a passion for beer before she likely should have, and started working as a bartender as soon as she was able. Sam's first bartending gig was in a lil’ craft beer bar in the small town of Campbellford, Ontario. This was a life changing experience that would affect her perspective moving forward - to her, beer became more than just refreshing, it could make change.

    From there, Sam's story launches into the world of craft beer; serving, tour guiding, tap rooming, home brewing, packaging, schooling, large scale brewing. Sam's work has always been guided by her love of the craft.


    Thus She Brews is inevitably born. 

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