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2018 - Consultant

stone city 

    Sam currently assists at Stone City, in a variety of ways. Here she is aiding with processes such as packaging, cleaning kegs, with the brew days, etc.

    However, her strong foundation within the industry has allowed her to support her team with other avenues like recipe development, training and education, filling needs when staff are unable, or guiding in logistics (like insuring and licensing).

    Sam values Stone City saw the assets she is able to bring to the ever evolving scene of craft beer and is excited to see where it will take them.


2021 - Brewery Assistant


    Always learning and expanding her knowledge base, this experience gave Sam insight to new systems, different equipment and ultimately allowed Sam to gain greater confidence.

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2019 - Brewery Assistant

Publican House 

    Sam’s experience until this point had mostly be on much smaller scaled brew systems.This period with Publican allowed Sam to understand scaling concepts, participate with newer technologies (such as filtering and canning), collect valuable certifications, and helped her gather a greater perception of where she hoped brewing would take her. 


2018 - Assistant Brewer

beard free

    Sam had merely dipped her toes into the commercial business of brewing at this point. Beard Free was a place that helped develop Sam’s problem solving skills and provided her with assurance that she had the ability and capacity to grow into a dynamic and knowledgable brewer. 

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2016-2017 - Server/ Bartender

St. Veronus

   Belgian themed, St. Veronus  Cafe & Taproom, really aided in expanding Sam’s concepts of what possibilities could occur in the world of beer. Unique brewing techniques, major North American/ European influences, food and beer pairings, are just some of the many approaches Sam would later implement within her own brewing techniques and styles.


2022 - Event Coordinator

wolfe island hopyard

    Having gained confidence in the brew house, Sam was very excited to have been given an opportunity to move beyond the beer side of things, but to gain insight in the fields, with the local providers and suppliers of the ingredients. 

    Sam collaborated with Wolfe Island Hopyard to connect their local product with brewers and ultimately into local brews. Sam loves education and could be found with WIHY informing the curious at market. Conversations such as, what hops are, how they are used, and why these particular hops are special, are some of the many topics covered.

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2021 - Warehouse & Packaging

big rig 

   Big Rig Brewery would be Sam’s largest brewery to participate with. While here, Sam trained particularly in the warehouse and packaging departments. She would learn more about how different brewery cultures function and develop, how product can move, efficiencies, losses and gains, along with many more insights.  

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2019 -  Certification; completed with honours

Brewing Technician

    To further develop her brewing skills, Sam participated in CTS Canadian Career College - Brewing Technician Certification program launch year. This would be Sam’s first in-depth time with a lab, being educated by long time industry professionals, all adding to the span of expertise she would later be able to offer. 


2018 - Member

beer betch

    Sam was originally approached by head betch, Sara, in hopes that she would support her female craft beer enthusiast group with beer education, themes, and concepts.

    This was a wonderful opportunity for Sam, learning more about her craft beer loving audiences but also how she can bridge the drinker with the brewing of. 

    Supporting these ladies with their beer release, Orange You Glad You're a Betch (an Orange Cinnamon Brown Ale) is one of Sam's favourite brew days.


2013 - Bartender 

the alibi

    Sam spent time with Alibi gaining a more dynamic understanding of the beer market itself and the products among it. She would widen her knowledge of the Ontario market but also gain insight as to what bar, patron and brewer see and wish for the product that is being created and served. 

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2022 - Consulting


    With the seven degrees of craft brewing, Sam was connected with Fly By Brewery. Adam and Dave were new to the Ontario scene (home having been Vancouver for some time) and Sam was excited to learn about the West Coast influence.

    Sam can be found on occasion in the brewery here, helping Dave can away or serving you a pint. 


2020 - Assistant Brewer

Skeleton Park 

    Sam’s time with Skeleton Park helped her gain a strong certainty for the brewing process itself. Brewing independently more regularly Sam grew not only with the hands on experience, but with furthering other concepts; water composition, yeast strains, recipe structure, aspects in these regards. 

Pink Boots Colab.png

2018 - Member

Pink Boots society

    Sam vividly remembers March 8th 2018, at Little Beast Brewery in Whitby, where she would meet Erin Broadfoot (co-owner and brewer).

    Pink Boots is an organization supporting many women working within the beer industry and on this day Sam would participate with the collaboration brew for that year (being hosted by Little Beast). After meeting and listening to these women, at previous meetings and at this event, Sam would gather connections, but also a deeper strength and perspective for the forge ahead. 


2018 - Assistant Brewer

Olde Stone

    Olde Stone was part of Sam’s transformation from home brewing to commercial brewing.

    Many firsts occurred here for her. Stone’s system being very hands on, Sam was able to gain understanding of more detailed processes with amazing support.


2009-2012 - Brewery Assistant


    Sam’s work with Churchkey varied from tour guide, bartender, packager, to brewer. It was here she would learn basic concepts like how breweries can be more eco-conscious, how values can be amplified in the product being created, that beer can create change and possibility. 

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